At St. Mark


At St. Mark we want you to feel a sense of peace and belonging. We strive to be a place where you can discover and develop a living relationship with the risen Lord Jesus Christ; a place where you can participate in the life of the congregation and share your God-given gifts.

You will be accepted as you are.

  • You will be accepted as you are.

  • You will be greeted warmly by other followers of Christ.

  • You will be inspired and challenged through biblically based, Christ-centered sermons that are relevant to your daily life.

  • You will be uplifted through music from congregational singing and our various choirs.

  • You will be welcomed at the Lord’s Table no matter what your religious background may be.

  • You will experience the loving presence of the Spirit through our words and our actions.

  • You will be encouraged to participate in every aspect of our life together.