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The council is made up of two components: the executive team and the full council. 


The executive team is made up of the Pastor, the Council President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Once a month, the executive team meets prior to the full council meeting to discuss and make decisions regarding our pre-school and to consider the topics that we may include on the agenda for the monthly council meeting. Also included for a portion of the meeting, is the representative of our Christian Education Ministry and the Director of our preschool. 

The full council is made up of the executive team and a representative from each of the church ministries. The full council meets once a month.


Each ministry representative sends a report of monthly activities and items that need full council discussion for planning purposes or a council decision (majority vote). These reports are sent out via email to each council member prior to the meeting so that the council is informed of ministry activities, but only items that require council activity get discussed at council meetings.


Each ministry team leader recounts the highlights of his/her report at each meeting, invites discussion or asks for a vote if appropriate.

Individual congregation members, or teams who are working on a project, are welcomed to attend council meetings to state their views or update a project’s status, by requesting permission in advance in writing.

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The Council of St. Mark by the Sea Lutheran Church


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