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Mother and Son

 Palms Deaf Church 

Experiencing and sharing the Love of Christ through American Sign Language

In the Bible, “church” is always a reference
to people, not a place. Church is about

community. In order for a group of

people to come together and experience
community, a common language and

culture are essential. Palms Deaf Church

will strive to provide a new approach to

being the Church specifically for people 

who use American Sign Language.

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Pastor Lori Fuller

Lori Fuller is a recent graduate of Luther Seminary, and was recently approved by the Candidacy Committee of the Florida Bahamas Synod to be called as a pastor in the ELCA.
Born Deaf, Lori grew up without access to, or understanding the Love of God. Thanks to a multi-denominational Deaf church in Wisconsin she fell in Love with God, and felt the calling to bring God’s Love to others in the Deaf Community.

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