Property Ministry

Property Ministry

St Mark by the Sea is centrally located in the heart of Palm Coast. Our property is on 3 acres of land and sits in the median of Palm Coast Parkway. The original building was completed in 1976.   In 1995, an expanded sanctuary and narthex was completed. There is now 17,450 square feet of usable space in the building. Taking care of this much property requires much effort and many hands.


The Property Ministry team has the responsibility of taking care of the property. Members of the team gather on Wednesday mornings at 9am to take care of  the building. Because of the Day School and other groups who use the building we have an increased responsibility to keep the property clean and functioning properly.



Yard maintenance is completed on Wednesday mornings when the grass is mowed and the debris is blown away.

The property team is always looking for folks with experience in electrical, plumbing, and construction who can handle tasks around the property. There is always a need for folks who can clean, paint, and move furniture, replace light bulbs and ceiling tiles, plus so much more!

Just show up on Wednesday mornings if you’d like to work with the property team.

Contact Tom Eichen or  Paul Dietrich if you’d like more information.